I am thrilled to announce Baby Hsu Shower Extravaganza, which will run from June 1 to August 31! First, a big shout out to all my wonderful sponsors supporting the event. As my husband and I prepare for our 1st child, I would like to share with you during the event many exciting products from my sponsors that are must-haves on everyone's baby registry. Stay tuned for the first product review on June 1.  There will also be giveaways.  Yay!!! 

Please grab the event button above and share the exciting news with other preggers, mommies, daddies, or anyone interested!

***Sponsors, if you are interested and would like to showcase your product for this special event, feel free to contact me under PR Welcome or Contact Me (please see above).

BHSE #1 - aden + anais Classic Muslin Swaddle (CLOSED)
BHSE #2 - $25 GC A Lucky Horseshoe Vinyl Wall Art Decals (CLOSED)
BHSE #3 - Bummas Cloth Baby Wipe  (CLOSED)
BHSE #4 - Boon Inc. Benders Adaptable Utensils  (CLOSED)
BHSE #5 - Nifty Nappy Snappy SwimzEaze Swim Diapers (2 Winners)  (CLOSED)
BHSE #6 - Sticky Words Vinyl Wall Art Decals of Choice  (CLOSED)
BHSE Review - Robeez Baby and Toddler Shoes 
BHSE #7 - $30 GC 200+ CSN Stores  (CLOSED)
BHSE #8 - Lucky Duck Embroidery Boutique Minky Lovie Blanket  (CLOSED)
BHSE #9 - Prefresh Hip Baby and Children Apparel  (CLOSED)
BHSE #10 - $25 GC Dali Decals Vinyl Wall Art  (CLOSED)
BHSE #11 - BabyLegs Leg Warmers 3-pk  (CLOSED)
BHSE #12 - OrganicEcho Baby Kimono Bodysuit - Blue/Pink Polka  (CLOSED)
BHSE #13 - Bamboo Junction Organic Panda Onesie  (CLOSED)
BHSE #14 - Crib Creations Adorable Baby Bib (CLOSED)
BHSE Review - GelPro Mat 
BHSE #15 - Tokyo Baby Japanese Monkey Pants (CLOSED) 
BHSE #16 - Bloume Baby Organic Kick Pants Tee and Miyim Teether  (CLOSED)
BHSE #17 - My Lil Lamb Personalized Baby Boy/Girl Plush Elephant  (CLOSED)
BHSE #18 - $15 GC EcoMom Eco-Friendly Baby Products  (CLOSED)
BHSE #19 - Kidorable Umbrella  (CLOSED)
BHSE #20 - BLS Design Images Set of 12 Favor Tags  (CLOSED)
BHSE #21 - Bath Luve to Keep Baby Warm  (CLOSED)
BHSE #22 - Bravado! Designs Bliss Nursing Bra  (CLOSED)
BHSE #23 - Ahmelie Amy Butler Hooded Towel  (CLOSED)
BHSE #24 - AIR-O-SWISS Travel Ultrasonic Humidifier  (CLOSED)
BHSE #25 - $50 GC Vinylize It Vinyl Decals and T-Shirts  (CLOSED)
BHSE Review - CSN 200+ Online Stores ( 
BHSE #26 - Hip Violet Handmade Gender Neutral Baby Bib  (CLOSED)
BHSE #27 - Bored Inc. Tee of Choice  (CLOSED)


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