Just a little bit about HSUper Parents...

Residing in sunny Southern California, my husband and I are excited and very grateful to welcome an addition to the Hsu family!  We married in 2008 and there has been nothing but blessings that fill our lives each day.  Marriage and life has its ups and downs, but we continue to remain strong by relying on God first and from all the support we receive from friends, family, and fellowship.  I am a homemaker, previously an accountant who had graduated from USC and my husband is in the banking industry who had graduated from UC San Diego.

Here are some things that intrigue & fascinate us.  We love:
  • To travel the world
  • To try new restaurants from delicacies to hole in the walls (the food is what counts)
  • Wine tasting (especially cabernet)
  • I myself love shopping (for anything)!
After visiting quite a few mommy blogs, I was inspired to start up my own blog and basically review outstanding products that I have come across and hope to come across.  As a first time mom (and somewhat of a perfectionist), I expect my child to be using quality and safe products.   Beyond the ample research that I have done, it is inevitably an ongoing research for the new products that continue to arrive on the market. 

Happy blogging!

 Here is our bundle of joy!