Monday, April 2, 2012

Guest Post - CookieCoo Dancing Star - Smart EduTainment App Useful for Learning

Are you looking for an edutainment app for the iPhone and iPad?  CookieCoo Dancing Star is designed to provide parents with a unique approach to teaching their young ones how to express themselves by dancing and singing.  It has been proven time and time again that music can play a big role in a child's development, that is why the creators at ThinkCube have come up with a fun kids app such as this to help parents give their children a more interesting way of learning through this edutainment app. 
The rhythm game feature in CookiCoo Dancing Star has a few beneficial points.  It can prove to be quite efficient in helping kids learn all about their basic senses such as seeing, listening and touching by matching the beats to their favorite songs such as Hokey Pokey and Mary had a little lamb.  In addition, children will see positive words appear on the screen to help boost their confidence.  This is why CookieCoo Dancing Star belong in the list of top educational apps for kids these days. 
CookieCoo Dancing Star also includes five adorable characters that will hit a right note with your children.  The characters are all cookies and interactive for your children.  Some of you might be familiar with the very popular app, Talking Tom Cat.  CookieCoo Dancing Star has similar features where children can poke at the characters resulting in very cute and hilarious reactions.  The cookie characters are well designed and are fully animated to make your child smile on every occasion.
Taking advantage of good edutainment apps for kids such as CookieCoo Dancing Star is a must especially when you want to teach your kids how easy it is to learn new things with the help of modern technology. Although there are still some parents who frown at the idea of introducing modern technology at such a young age, there are many who agree that edutainment apps like CookieCoo Dancing Star add more fun to learning that helps children retain more knowledge compared to traditional teaching methods. 
For parents who wish to give their kids a good lesson, employing the use of kids apps for iPad can be helpful and it’s also free to try out as well.  Why not give it a try?



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