Saturday, January 28, 2012

ScratchMeNot - Cuffed Sleeves to Prevent Scratching Review

ScratchMeNot (company known as Short Stacks) was invented by a mompreneur, who has a daughter that suffers from eczema.  This clothing item helps prevent little ones from scratching their delicate skin, which allows for a better healing process for whatever skin irritant a child may be dealing with.  Not only is the ScratchMeNot for children with eczema, but also for kids who rub and scratch themselves to sleep or ones with poison ivy, chicken pox, psoriasis, or anything else that causes them to scratch.  With children who are too young to stop scratching on their own, it is impossible for a parent to watch their child 24/7 to hold their hands down.  Awarded the PTPA (Parent Tested Parent Approved) Seal of Approval, ScratchMeNot is the gear that has it covered.
"Easy for adults to put on; hard for children to take off"

One of my favorite ScratchMeNot designs is the SMN Classic - Teal wHoo NI.  It features a teal sleeve with owl print flip mittens (un-cuffed) and solid teal (cuffed).  It is made of 96% Bamboo, Cotton, Silk and 4% Lycra and made in the USA.  They also offer 100% cotton ScratchMeNots.  The Teal wHoo NI is part of their New and Improved Fit collection (description with NI in the end).  The fabric is more stretchable and the fit is much wider.  The sleeve is wide enough to fit over 2 layers of clothing.  Sizes are available in 3 months (up to 25" wingspan) up to 3T (34"-36" wingspan).  Custom orders are also available.  To calculate the wingspan for a good fit, measure from the middle of the back to the fingertips and multiply by 2.  I would opt for a size up since kids grow rapidly and they can always grow into it.  

I would've never guessed I would be dealing with a child that suffers from chronic scratching due to eczema.  It really breaks my heart to see Baby Hsu's uncontrollable scratching (since 3 months old) when he's idling or soothing himself to sleep, which results in flare ups and scabs.  It started with scratching his scalp (thankfully that phase has ended) and now to his arms and elbow and knee bends.  Even with his weekly nail clippings and constant "itch monitoring", all it takes is one scratch to leave a scab and start an eczema flare up.  Baby Hsu almost always wears a ScratchMeNot during car rides and when sleeping.    

ScratchMeNot is the BEST product invented in helping me deal with Baby Hsu's scratching and I never leave home without the ScratchMeNot (HSUper Parents-Approved).    

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BUY IT!  The SMN Classic - Teal wHoo NI may be purchased for $19.95 on  ScratchMeNots may also be found at other retailers near you (including Canada and UK).

Disclaimer:  This review has not been monetarily compensated and is based on the views and opinions of myself.  Please note that the opinions reflected in this post have not been influenced by the sponsor in any way.  However, for review purposes, I do accept and will keep the products reviewed.