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2011 Holiday Gift Guide - GIVEAWAY - What To Expect Series 3 Books (2 WINNERS)! (CLOSED) is the online version of the "What To Expect When You're Expecting" series of books.  This online community has the 2nd largest audience of pregnant women online, backed by an entire bookshelf of bestselling books.  It all started with the book What To Expect When You're Expecting by Heidi Murkoff, with millions of copies sold.  From there, the What To Expect (WTE) brand flourished giving birth to many other resources.  New books were added to the series - What To Expect Before You're Expecting, Eating Well When You're Expecting, What To Expect The First Year, What To Expect The Second Year, and even What To Expect Kids series.  The WTE books are published in over 30 languages.  In 2005, the WTE brand hit the Internet with  In 2009, WTE went mobile with the WTE Pregnancy Tracker, the WTE Period and Fertility Tracker, the WTE My Baby's Name (baby name finder), and the WTE Baby Tracker (first year tracker).  In addition, the What To Expect Foundation (a non-profit organization) was created to help underserved families expect healthy pregnancies, safe deliveries, and healthy, happy babies.  The What To Expect series has been described as the pregnancy bible.

 What To Expect When You're Expecting - 4th Edition has helped me tremendously throughout my pregnancy.  Being the anal person that I am and a first time pregger, I had so many questions and just wanted to do everything perfect, making sure I was on the right track.  I have found the week-to-week fetal development section in each of the monthly chapters to be very informative.  Most importantly, the book has guided me to a healthy pregnancy and delivery.  The pregnancy guide reassuringly answers questions from the planning stage throughout postpartum.  There are 7 parts to the book with 23 chapters in total.  Each chapter includes Your Baby This Month, What You May Be Feeling, What You Can Expect at Your Prenatal Visits, and What You May Be Wondering About.
  • Part 1 - First Things First
    • Chapter 1 - Before You Conceive 
    • Chapter 2 - Are You Pregnant?
    • Chapter 3 - Your Pregnancy Profile
    • Chapter 4 - Your Pregnancy Lifestyle
    • Chapter 5 - Nine Months of Eating Well
  • Part 2 - Nine Months & Counting
    • Chapter 6 - The First Month
    • Chapter 7 - The Second Month
    • Chapter 8 - The Third Month
    • Chapter 9 - The Fourth Month
    • Chapter 10 - The Fifth Month
    • Chapter 11 - The Sixth Month
    • Chapter 12 - The Seventh Month
    • Chapter 13 - The Eighth Month
    • Chapter 14 - The Ninth Month
    • Chapter 15 - Labor and Delivery
  • Part 3 - Twins, Triplets & More
    • Chapter 16 - Expecting More Than One
  • Part 4 - After the Baby Is Born
    • Chapter 17 - Postpartum:  The First Week
    • Chapter 18 - Postpartum:  The First 6 Weeks
  • Part 5 - For Dads
    • Chapter 19 - Fathers Are Expectant, Too
  • Part 6 - Staying Healthy When You're Expecting
    • Chapter 20 - If You Get Sick
    • Chapter 21 - If You Have a Chronic Condition
  • Part 7 - The Complicated Pregnancy
    • Chapter 22 - Managing a Complicated Pregnancy
    • Chapter 23 - Coping with Pregnancy Loss
What To Expect The First Year - 2nd Edition has also helped me considerably as a new parent.  Like the What To Expect When You're Expecting, the month-by-month guide on baby's growth and development were very resourceful for me.  But, I especially appreciate the First Aid Do's and Don'ts with the chapter's pages highlighted on top for easy access.  And, I also like the ready reference in the back of the book on Common Childhood Infections listing the disease/season/susceptibility followed by its symptoms, cause/transmission/incubation/duration, call the doctor/treatment/diet, and prevention/recurrence/complications.  This book contains 4 parts with a total of 25 chapters.  Each Month's chapter includes What Your Baby May Be Doing, What You Can Expect at This Month's Checkup, Feeding Your Baby, and What You May Be Concerned About.

  • Part 1 - The First Year
    • Chapter 1 - Get Ready, Get Set
    • Chapter 2 - Buying for Baby
    • Chapter 3 - Breastfeeding Basic
    • Chapter 4 - Your Newborn
    • Chapter 5 - The First Month
    • Chapter 6 - The Second Month
    • Chapter 7 - The Third Month
    • Chapter 8 - The Fourth Month
    • Chapter 9 - The Fifth Month
    • Chapter 10 - The Sixth Month
    • Chapter 11 - The Seventh Month
    • Chapter 12 - The Eighth Month
    • Chapter 13 - The Ninth Month
    • Chapter 14 - The Tenth Month
    • Chapter 15 - The Eleventh Month
    • Chapter 16 - The Twelfth Month
  • Part 2 - Of Special Concern
    • Chapter 17 - A Baby for All Seasons
    • Chapter 18 - When Baby is Sick
    • Chapter 19 - First Aid Do's and Don'ts
    • Chapter 20 - The Low-Birthweight Baby
    • Chapter 21 - The Special Needs Baby
    • Chapter 22 - The Adopted Baby
  • Part 3 - For the Family
    • Chapter 23 - For Mom:  Enjoying the First Year
    • Chapter 24 - Becoming a Father
    • Chapter 25 - From Only Child to Older Child
  • Part 4 - Ready Reference
    • Baby's First Recipes
    • Common Home Remedies
    • Common Childhood Infections
What To Expect The Second Year is currently my guide to help raise Baby Hsu through his toddler years.  Like the What To Expect The First Year, I rely on Treating Toddler Injuries, also with the chapter's pages highlighted on top to locate easily, when an unexpected boo-boo happens.  This book contains 15 chapters total.
  • Chapter 1 - Your Toddler on the Grow
  • Chapter 2 - Your Toddler, Head-to-Toe
  • Chapter 3 - Your Toddler on the Go
  • Chapter 4 - Feeding
  • Chapter 5 - Sleeping
  • Chapter 6 - Behavior
  • Chapter 7 - Disciplining Your Toddler
  • Chapter 8 - Talking
  • Chapter 9 - Learning
  • Chapter 10 - Playing and Making Friends
  • Chapter 11 - Traveling with Your Toddler
  • Chapter 12 - Keeping Your Toddler Healthy
  • Chapter 13 - Second Your Safety
  • Chapter 14 - Treating Toddler Injuries
  • Chapter 15 - Developmental Disorders 
With Baby Hsu being my #1 concern, the What To Expect series are my go-to guide for his welfare.  The WTE books make very resourceful and thoughtful gifts (baby shower, birthday, Christmas, etc.) to expectant parents and parents of babies and toddlers (HSUper Parents-Approved)!

BUY IT!  The What To Expect When You're Expecting - 4th Edition may be purchased for $12.95, What To Expect The First Year - 2nd Edition for $11.95, and What To Expect The Second Year for $11.35 at

WIN IT!  What To Expect has generously offered their series of 3 books (What To Expect When You're Expecting - 4th Edition, What To Expect The First Year - 2nd Edition, and What To Expect The Second Year) to 2 lucky HSUper Parents readers!
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I'd love to win these books! I think the week by week calender on their site is useful.

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it help on guiding and being a good parent

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I find it useful that you can look at information for all stages from Pregnancy to toddler. It is a great resource when I have a question or am looking for tips

RoChele said...

Nothing can teach how to be a good parent, but it will definitely help to feel more prepared. When a life is in your hands, confidence is everything.

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the love these books! great info on pregnancy! love it


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the week by week calendar is a great product!

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I love how complete the infos provided on What To Expect website, from pre-conception to toddler years, all in one easy-to-browse website! The website is also very user-friendly and very nice to read!

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These books look super helpful and informative. I'd love to win them! Thanks for the giveaway.
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I found the Preconception Diet area to be very interesting and informative!

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Nothing can teach how to be a good parent, but it will definitely help to feel more prepared. When a life is in your hands, confidence is everything.

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love that they have help with preconception - lots of sites often forget this :(

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I find useful that they have a community , that is always so helpful for the personal touch!

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I like the funny pregnancy stories! Good to keep things in perspective. :)

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I like the A to Z Health Guide

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I think that the medical information looks really useful.

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I love that there's something for every stage a woman and child will go through in the first few years! blackbird0615 at yahoo dot com

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I like the section on preconception

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What I find useful is that I can use the site to help me before conception and then go them them for help with my pregnancy.

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I like the Preconception diet section

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I like that they don't stop after year one! There is so much more to understand after the baby is 1.

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I love the week by week breakdown in the what to expect when you're expecting


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I love all the advice they give about pregnancy!


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i love reading the books, haven't gotten pregnant yet but studying before hand couldn't hurt right?

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i love that it's basically a play by play of what to do to conceive and then how to survive life with a new baby.

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Thank you for the giveaway! My sister is having a baby and I would love to give this to her!

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think that these would be great for a new mom like my sil.. i think it would behelpful to know what to extpect at each dif stagge

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the month by month is useful

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i like the week by week.

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I love the week by week updates and the q&a's.

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I like how the books are laid out in a Q&A format. ANd like may others, I like the week to week breakdown.

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I love the calendar on their site!

Free Bees said...

I found it useful that they give information on crying babies and how to know what's wrong, as an aunt only I don't know my nieces needs as well as her mom does, so all the help I can get is better.

Sunnymay said...

I like the down-to-earth stories and what went right and what went wrong with their pregnancies.

BC said...

I like that you can see every early stage of a kid, because a newborn is very different from a 2 year old

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There is not just one thing that useful in these books!! THE ENTIRE BOOK IS HELPFUL! I referred to it many many times during my pregnancy!!

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The preconception diet looked useful

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I like the week by week calendar on their website

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I like that the books answer a lot of common questions

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I love the week by week calendar! It keeps you in line all the time.

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I like that they have a community with groups you can join!

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i like the Eating Well section lots of great healthy tips and advice

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Bring on the expected of the unexpected within What to Expect/ Of course the Unexpected when your PG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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