Sunday, June 19, 2011

BabyBjorn - Comfort Carrier Review (BEST Baby Carrier)

Happy 50th anniversary to BabyBjorn - 50 years of happy babies!  Started in 1961 by Bjorn Jakobson, BabyBjorn remains a Swedish family company with products found all over the world.  In 1973, BabyBjorn introduced the first baby carrier - "Hjärtenära (Close to the Heart)".  In addition to baby carriers, BabyBjorn offers a line of bouncers, kitchen, bath, and sleep products.  BabyBjorn continues to improve their products in close collaboration with medical experts and parents of small children.  Their products undergo a rigorous testing to make sure it comply with their high demands of safety, quality, and design.  BabyBjorn strives to simplify everyday life for you and your little child - "happy baby, happy parents".

BabyBjorn Comfort Carrier is hands down the BEST baby carrier!  It is BabyBjorn's newest baby carrier with an ergonomic waist belt.  It is designed to carry a child from 13 lbs (around 3 months of age) up until 31 lbs (around 2 years).  The maximum weight facing forward is 26 lbs.  The sturdy head support may be adjusted up or flipped down, which provides proper stability for the child's head and neck.  The padded waist belt and shoulder straps are adjustable for optimal weight distribution and pressure point relief.  The carrier offers flexible leg positions between normal (facing inward or outward) and wide (facing inward only) simply by opening or closing the zipper part.  You may also alternate to carry your child facing you or facing forward.  Made of 100% organically grown cotton with other materials made of 100% polyester, the Comfort Carrier complies with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and has been tested and approved in accordance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100, class 1 for baby products.   

                                Family outing at the Plush event in LA

BabyBjorn Comfort Carrier does not compare to other baby carriers.  It is extremely comfortable that I can carry Baby Hsu all day without any aches and pains.  Unlike others, the carrier is easy to put on and take off without assistance.  It is convenient for traveling, running errands, doing chores, and even just a leisure walk around the park.  I especially love using it on my Target and Costco run.  This carrier is perfect for Baby Hsu because he enjoys facing forward and exploring the world ahead of him.  This is the only carrier that Baby Hsu loves because he kicks and laughs with excitement everytime I take him out in it.  Not only do I love the Comfort Carrier, but Hubby raves about it as well and is just as excited as Baby Hsu about the carrier.  The carrier will very much be used for our upcoming trip to Las Vegas.    

We are one happy family with the ease and comfort of the BabyBjorn Comfort Carrier (HSUper Parents-Approved)!

Demonstration on how to put on and take off the BabyBjorn Comfort Carrier

BUY IT!  BabyBjorn Comfort Carrier (available in Organic Grey or Organic Black) may be purchased for $150-200 at online retailers (Amazon, Target, Babies R Us, etc.) or at a retail store located near you (find closest store).

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Disclaimer:  This review has not been monetarily compensated and is based on the views and opinions of myself.  Please note that the opinions reflected in this post have not been influenced by the sponsor in any way.  However, for review purposes, I do accept and will keep the products reviewed.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kidorable - Playful Beach and Bath Hooded Towel Review ( + 20% Promo Code)

Kidorable, conceived in 1997 from the minds and hearts of Liping and Jonathan Domsky, offers functional and fun children apparel and accessories.  Known especially for their rain wear, Kidorable delights in transforming everyday wear into products that excites the imagination of the children.  Their product line includes umbrellas, rain coats, rain boots, backpacks, knit hats, knit scarves, knit gloves, towels, sun hats, embroidered shirts, hanger sets, and bookends.  A variety of styles offered are Ballerina, Space Hero, Butterfly, Dinosaur, Fairy, Fireman, Frog, Ladybug, Lotus, Lucky Cat, Mermaid, Pirate, and The English Roses Collection.  Kidorable also carries a My First Collection for babies.

The Lucky Cat Towel is part of Kidorable's Lucky Cat Collection (you may read my previous review of the Lucky Cat Umbrella, Rain Coat, and Rain Boots here).  It is so cool and adorable that this towel has all the features of a cat - face with ears and whiskers on the hood, paws on all four corners of the towel, and a tail dangling in the back.  Flowers, a butterfly, mouse, and a fish in a fishbowl plaster across the pink towel.  The absorbent and soft cotton towel is available in sizes S (newborn to 2 years) and M (3 to 6 years).  When wrapped in the Lucky Cat Towel, your child may pretend to be a cat while being dried off and staying warm.

Summer is just around the corner and Kidorable Towels are perfect and fun for a playful time at the beach and pool or after a soothing bath (HSUper Parents-Approved)! 

BUY IT!  The Lucky Cat Towel may be purchased for $33.00 at Kidorable.  Kidorable currently has a promotion for 20% off your entire order when you purchase one of their towels (use promo code DRYOFF33, expires June 12, 2011).

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Disclaimer:  This review has not been monetarily compensated and is based on the views and opinions of myself.  Please note that the opinions reflected in this post have not been influenced by the sponsor in any way.  However, for review purposes, I do accept and will keep the products reviewed.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pregnancy Photos: A How To by Heather Hart of A La Mode Photo

Heather Hart’s Top Pregnancy Photo Tips 

LA-based pregnancy photographer, Heather Hart, owner of A LA Mode Photo, is an expert on taking modern, classy pictures of her moms-to-be, while making them feel beautiful and relaxed.  She is always available for a one-on-one shoot if the mom-to-be needs a professional. 
  • Whether indoors or outdoors, pick a natural, tranquil scene as your background
    • Tip:  Heather’s personal favorite is the beach.  Try to find a place with very few people.  Be careful of trash cans and other items in the background that might detract focus from you
  • Wear something that shows off your pregnant belly and will look good in both color and black and white photos
    • Tip:  Heather likes to wrap her pregnant subjects in material to accentuate the belly while the excess fabric flows romantically in the wind.  Visit your local fabric store and pick up 6 yards of chiffon material
  • Change up your poses.  Don’t be afraid to experiment
    • Tip:  Pictures where the mom-to-be is looking down at and holding her stomach always look beautiful
  • Relax
    • Tip:  Ask a friend or loved one to shoot you.  Knowing that someone who already sees you as beautiful is taking the pictures is enough to put your mind at ease
  • Have fun!
    • Tip:  Enjoy the moment.  Heather understands that when looking down at your pregnant self, you feel very wide.  Just remember how stunning you’ll feel looking back at those pictures