Sunday, December 5, 2010

Corner TV Stands from CSN Stores

About two years ago, Hubby and I were looking at the model homes for a new condominium complex in the area.  In the family room, the TV and the corner TV stand were located in the right corner of the room.  I've always thought that having the TV placed in the corner would be a weird layout, not to mention hard to finding a nice corner TV stand.  But, there are some rooms that only allow for a TV to be placed in the corner and it just works.  I find it challenging to arrange the furniture so that people watching the TV may be comfortable.  

CSN Stores 200+ online stores carry a variety of corner TV stands to accommodate your room's design and style.  Currently, they're offering an additional 10% off on orders $699+ with the promo code TVDec10.  If I had to place our TV in one of our rooms, I would choose the SEI Thomas Corner Media 42" TV Stand in Black.

Disclaimer:  This post was written in anticipation of an upcoming review for CSN Stores.


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