Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Guest Post by Emily Jones - 9 Ways In Which You Can Show Your Love To Your Children

Guest post by Emily Jones
It is very important to build a healthy parent child relationship.  For that you need to show your love as a parent to your children.  Actually, it is essential for you to let your child know that you love him and her.  There are effective ways to show your love and care to your child.  Parental love is the world’s greatest feeling and is precious. 
Ways to show your love
The different ways in which you can show your love as a parent are:
1. Directly let your child know how you exactly feel about him or her and how much you love him/her.

2. Spend time with your child. It is important that you find time from your everyday work so that you can give time and attention to your child. 

3. Take steps to make your child feel safe. You should try to comfort your child when he/she feels scared. 

4. You should also try to provide your child with the things that he/she needs. Through this your child will be able to realize that you really love him/her. 

5. Attend the activities your child is taking part in, and the other school days like parent-teacher events, functions, fests, and other performances. It is essential to show your child that you are there for him/her. 

6. It is also essential for you as a parent to provide your child with wholesome food. It helps in better growth of your child. It is way to show that you are giving attention to your child. 

7. Praise your child on any of his/her achievements. Encouragement helps in the proper development of the mind. Thus, you should praise and encourage your child. 

8. Help your child with his/her studies. This makes him/her feel special. Your child will also realize that you are giving him/her the required attention. 

9. Talk to your child and solve his/her problem. You should try to take care of the problem from the very first. 

In addition to the above ways to show your love, you should also listen carefully to whatever your child wants to share with you.  This will show that you are interested in what your child has to say. 
Description: Learn the ways in which you can show your love to your children.  It is important that you convey your love to your children.   It helps in the better mental growth of your child and he/she also grows up to be a loving and caring individual.


Owen's Mom said...

Very nice list! Yes, parental love is complicated. There is much to do and remember. I would add rules or discipline to the list. I set rules for my children to keep them safe and prepare them to interact with others... and hopefully to succeed in the world someday.