Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Shutterfly Holiday Card Collection Review #clevercards

Ever since my husband and I married in 2008, I've always wanted to order holiday cards to send to family and friends but never got around to it.  This year, being Baby Hsu's first Christmas, I will definitely make sure to design our Christmas photo cards on Shutterfly.  What makes a wonderful holiday card is to personalize it with a family photo.  Everytime I receive a Christmas card, it just puts a smile to my face and gets me more into the mood for the holidays.  I would line up the Christmas cards over the fireplace.  It's such a merry sight to see all the beautiful cards.
            Blessed Elegance Religious                 Royal Elegance                   Retro Snowflake Bursts 

My three favorite holiday card designs from Shutterfly are the Blessed Elegance Religious Christmas CardRoyal Elegance Christmas Card, and Retro Snowflake Burst Christmas 5x7 Photo Card.  The Blessed Elegance Religious Christmas Card is a 5x7 flat stationary card on 110 lb premium cardstock with a matte finish.  The damask design in red and green colors that frame the card is very elegant with the Christmas spirit.  The Royal Elegance Christmas Card is a 5x5 flat stationary card on 110 lb premium cardstock with a matte finish.  This is my favorite of all three and I just might go with this design for our family Christmas card this year.  I like the chic and vintage looking black and white snowflakes that runs across the bottom of the card with a bold red ribbon for a hint of added color.  This card looks very well with a black and white photo.  The Retro Snowflake Bursts Christmas Card is a 5x7 photo card on high-quality photo paper with a matte or glossy finish.  This is more of a fun card with red, green, and gold snowflakes, stars, and circles that border the photo.  What's nice is that envelopes are included with all the holiday cards.     

I am super excited to send out our first family Christmas card to our family and friends soon! 

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