Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Another Upcoming CSN Review!

Again, I am excited to work with CSN Stores to review a huge selection of products from their 200+ online stores!  CSN Stores carry a variety of end tables from their store.  I wish I was introduced to CSN Stores over a year ago when we moved into our house and were furnishing our rooms.  In the future, I will definitely shop on when we decide to change our end tables in our family and living room.  We actually purchased round end tables to be used as our night stands in our master bedroom and it looks and works great.

CSN Stores carry over 1 million products and is constantly rising with new products being added.  They don't only just carry products, but they carry a wide selection of brand name products that are trustworthy.  With Baby Hsu being almost a month old, he will definitely be doing a lot of traveling to grandparents' house.  We will sure need a travel crib that is convenient and light.       

Stay tuned for another upcoming review from CSN Stores!


lfhpueblo said...

I could literally spend a great deal of my day looking through all their great products.