Monday, May 10, 2010

RuffleButts Review

Thank you Today's Giveaway and RuffleButts for the sassy RuffleButts in lime!  RuffleButts is the modern take on bloomers (remember those).  In addition to the lime color, they offer a variety of other colors and patterns to match with any of your little one's outfits.  Plus, they also carry other adorable items such as tops and dresses, accessories, and gift sets.

I love the RuffleButts because it's made with detail and the quality of the material (100% cotton) is excellent.  It's stretchy so that it may accommodate those bulging diapers.  The diaper cover goes well with tank onesies, onesies, t-shirts, leg warmers and anything you can match it with.  Three words to describ RuffleButts - fun, hip, and feminine!

The RuffleButts is a must-have diaper cover to include in your baby's wardrobe.  I look forward to Baby Hsu wiggling her buttocks with the RuffleButts on!


Jessica said...

So cute. I can't wait to have a little girl so she can wear ruffles

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Following you back.

Bitsy Baby Photography said...

We have a couple pairs of these and LOVE them, I want every color =)