Monday, May 17, 2010

DSLR Camera Strap Cover by The Upper Room Review

Thank you The Ethertons and The Upper Room for this beautiful, reversible DSLR camera strap cover!  We recently bought our first Canon DSLR camera to get ready for Baby Hsu's arrival.  And, what better way to accessorize the camera with is a stylish and chic padded camera strap cover to hide the boring and uncomfortabl strap.  The opening is 2" x 24.74".  I just love how this camera strap cover prevents my camera strap from digging into the back of my neck.

The Upper Room offers a variety of unique fabric options for the camera strap cover.  In addition to their camera strap covers, they also carries a selection of appliqued shirts, cart covers, handbags, headbands, infant carrier covers, leg warmers, outdoor play mats, pillowcase dresses, and other custom items.  Now, all I need is a cute camera bag to tote around!