Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Baby Hsu Shower Extravaganza! (June 1 - August 31)

I am thrilled to announce Baby Hsu Shower Extravaganza, which will run from June 1 to August 31!  First, a big shout out to all my wonderful sponsors supporting the event.  As my husband and I prepare for our 1st child, I would like to share with you during the event many exciting products from my sponsors that are must-haves on everyone's baby registry.  Stay tuned for the first product review on June 1.  There will also be a giveaways.  Yay!!!

Please grab the event button above and share the exciting news with other preggers, mommies, daddies, or anyone interested!

***Sponsors, if you are interested and would like to showcase your product for this special event, feel free to contact me under PR Welcome or Contact Me (please see above).