Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Baby Boy Bow Ties by Loveable Creations Boutique Review

Thank you Life with the Lebedas and Loveable Creations Boutique for the charming baby boy bow ties!  I was first very attracted to Loveable Creations' flower headbands for baby girls, until I found out I was have a baby boy.  Luckily, they had one item for baby boys - the bow ties.  The 3" x 1.5" bow tie is attached to an alligator clip, which can be easily clipped onto the baby's dress shirt.  Loveable Creations carry a variety of ribbons for you to choose from for your perfect bow tie.  If you don't see a pattern you like, you may suggest an idea and they will whole-heartedly shop for a matching pattern and color.

Loveable Creations Boutique carries other adorable products - flowers, infant hats, cotton knit hats, beanie hats, curly ostrich puffs, headbands, bows, gift sets, crocheted appliques, and diaper covers.  Baby Hsu will be properly dressed for Sunday service with his dress shirt paired with Loveable Creations' bow ties!