Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ah Goo Baby Plush Pad Review

Thank you Sugar Pop Ribbons and Ah Goo Baby for the chic and portable Plush Pad (Vintage in Blue)!  The portable changing station opens approximately 2 ft. sq. and compactly rolls into a 10" x 3" cylinder with woven elastic loops on both ends to secure the rolled up pad.  There's a memory foam cushion that runs down the middle of The Plush Pad, which conforms to the curves of your baby's body.  It is machine washable and water-resistant where the memory foam can be easily removed prior to washing.  The Plush Pad is versatile, which can be used for diaper changes, tummy time, infant/parent classes, around your home, on the go, and travel.

The Plush Pad will definitely be an item to tote around in my diaper bag!  Now, all I need is a chic and stylish diaper bag to match this chic and stylish Plush Pad.