Saturday, April 17, 2010

UBP10 After Party - And the Party Continues!

It was my 1st Ultimate Blog Party and I had a blast!  Although I didn't get to party all week long (which I will definitely try to for next year), I was still able to party with quite a few bloggers.  Here I am (on the left) at 21 weeks pregnant and my other pregger friend!
 - Baby Loving Mama
 - Juliana's Bits & Pieces
 - Stop Drop and Relax
 - Hands, House, and Heart Full
 - One House Schoolroom
 - Five Amazing Minutes
- The Coupon High
 - Raising My 4 Sons
 - Long Wait For Isabella
 - Tiaras & Tantrums
 - Wishing Penny
 - The Twinhappy Blog
 - Susieqtpies at Scraps of Life
 - Lauralee Moss
 - A Nut In A Nutshell
 - Confessions of a Homeschooler
 - Being Made New
 - The Youngn's
 - Busy Lil Homemaker
 - Love Life Family and Then Some
 - Jamerican Spice
 - Craft Mommy Diva
 - Children Grow Children Explore Children Learn
 - And Twins Make 5
 - The Attic Girl
 - The Healthy Moms     

Happy UBP10 and see you next year!


Mommyof2girlz said...

Great picture. Stopping by from MommyPR Blog Hop to follow and say hello :)