Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bebe au Lait Nursing Cover & Hooded Towel Review

I have won my 2nd & 3rd giveaway with much thanks to Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports, Celebrity Baby Scoop, and Bebe au Lait!  I received the fabulous products of Bebe au Lait - Nursing Cover (in Papillon) and Baby Hooded Towel (in Capri).  Created by designers Ronnie and Claire Ekelund, Bebe au Lait was originally Hooter Hider.  Their products were an immediate sensation and gained overnight publicity and fame.  Hollywood mommies such as Liv Tyler, Gwen Stefani, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Julia Roberts have been seen sporting Bebe au Lait's products. But, most importantly, Bebe au Lait is committed to our common mother, Earth.

Bebe au Lait Nursing Covers (the original and patent-protected nursing cover) are the #1 choice of nursing covers for breastfeeding mothers.  Since my little one is still in my tummy, I had to model these stylish products.  I love it because not only is the nursing cover beautiful, it is a 100% cotton (machine washable) fabric that is not see through which allows privacy.  This really gives me an ease of mind when I breastfeed in public.

Special Features: 
   * Rigid neckline with adjustable straps for eye-to-eye contact with baby
* Prints exclusive to Bebe au Lait
* Designer quality fabrics
* Convenient to fit into any diaper bag
* Alternative uses - drape over stroller/car seat/baby carrier or changing mat
* Terry cloth pockets on both bottom corners to hold small items such as breast pads/pacifiers and can be used as a cleanup cloth after nursing

The Bebe au Lait Baby Hooded Towels are one of my favorite hooded towels.  They also come in Toddler sizes.  I love it how the towel is over-sized, thick, soft and durable. An added bonus is the eye-catching trim around the towel.

Special Features:
* Baby - fits 0-24 months
* Approximate size 42" x 27"
* Generously sized for cozy swaddling
* Plush 100% cotton terry trimmed with Bebe au Lait exclusive prints
* Machine washable

These also make great baby shower gifts.  The packaging is appealing and it's in recyclabe materials.  Totally into fashion, I care about what products I present myself in public.  And, Bebe au Lait products are definitely fashionable and unique!


Marina@EBMR said...

Bebe Au Lait has great quality products and I love their nursing cover. I'm so glad you could win one for yourself :) All the best with your pregnancy :)